What is pesky?

Inclusive. People have varying reasons for their choices and shouldn’t feel bad about themselves. Maybe you want to live a fully plant-based diet but find it too challenging to get the proper nutrition with your existing lifestyle. Adding a bit of seafood may make it easier.

You’re pesky because you don’t define yourself.

What is a Pescatarian? What is Pescatarianism?

How do you even spell Pescetarian?

At its heart, its about limiting food consumption to plants and seafood.

But, the practice can vary widely.

Everything is a compromise. You may fight against climate change, but still need to drive a car to work.

Maybe a pescatarian diet fits your moral goals just that much better. Maybe it’s a stepping stone to a fully vegan diet.

Maybe it’s a stepping stone to a fully soylent diet.

Maybe you don’t think it’s wrong to kill for food. Maybe you just draw the line at factory farming.   

Maybe you think consuming eggs and milk are worse than eating fish.

Maybe you don’t want to eat something that you couldn’t catch/kill yourself.

Maybe you just really hate feet.

Maybe you hate the texture of meat.

Maybe a health condition requires that you add certain protein and nutrients to your diet.


Maybe you also draw lines within the seafood – avoiding farmed fish or intelligent animals like octopus or squid.

Maybe you limit your seafood intake to just bivalves such as mussels, clams, and oysters because of the lack of a centralized nervous system.

This site is for those of you who enjoy food.

Different reasons. Maybe for environment. For animal welfare. For health.

Seafood and more.

Sometimes insects.

Emphasis on sustainable.

Not-quite-vegetarian. Where seafood is still a good source of protein for a balanced diet.

Sustainable and less harmful than many inhumane farming practices.

WHAT CAN I DO?There’s no right or wrong way. Your reasons may be environmental. May be moral. May be for health. May be as a stepping stone to a full vegetarian diet. No matter your reasons, …We all have our limits.Maybe you don’t wanna eat bugs.